Ask Jon – October


Jon, Have you heard of the Tendo Unit? I’ve used the tendo unit for quite some time and run into problems with it, breaking often. I did some research to see if anyone has developed a wireless Tendo Unit. I came across a company called Eliteform. It appears that they have discovered a wireless solution. Have you heard of a wireless Tendo Unit and do you think they work?

Thank you,

Sean P.


Yes, Sean, I have heard of the tendo unit! I’m the first one to use Velocity based training in Orlando and believe I’m the only one using it still. It makes you wonder about the progress of trainers and facilities if they STILL aren’t using them.

We currently have two Tendo Units, one Gymaware, one Push band (don’t waste your time) and two wireless Eliteforms. I’ve had no problems with the tendo unit, and that’s saying something since a plate was dropped on the cylinder six years ago and was fearful it would never work again, but it’s still ticking, lol.  

As far as a wireless unit, Eliteform would reign supreme with anything else wireless on the market. Like all technology, you’ll have to work through some kinks. I first used Eliteform at my colleague’s gym Prentiss Hockey Performance; since then I loved the simplicity of it, so I bought two of them, but I’ll warn you, they aren’t cheap!

Below is one of our athletes using the Eliteform during his dynamic effort day.