About DTS

Our Mission

Our mission is to be unparalleled in the knowledge gained from scientific research and apply that knowledge to the individualized training programs we create for clients, integrating the most effective and safest methods to deliver results faster than others. 

DTS strives to establish a trustworthy relationship with clients, holding ourselves and our clients accountable for systemized programs rooted in exercise and healthy living. They are designed to enhance the physical and mental performance of all people who want to be their absolute best in becoming Healthier. Stronger. Faster.

Our Vision

Our vision is to accomplish something much more than merely creating a training system. It’s about creating a lifestyle. We seek to educate, motivate, and empower people from all walks of life. Embracing the DTS philosophy that a healthy, strong mind dwells in a healthy, strong body that can accomplish goals faster. This ambitious and passionate vision is the heart and soul of DTS. Working together, dedicated to one common goal—not only to be the best training staff but to be the best for our clients and people who trust in DTS.

Our Core Values


Davis Training Systems to create a paradigm shift in how training is done. Since then DTS has been working with professional, Olympic, and amateur athletes for over a decade. Jon’s system is sought out by athletes and everyday people who want to become Healthier. Stronger. Faster.

DTS’ most unique skill is knowing what every client needs for their health, performance, and ability in their sport. This skill is made further evident by his impressive resume:

Two NFL Super Bowl Champions
Four NFL Super Bowl Players
Two NFL Pro Bowlers
17 trained NFL players – all from different teams
Three CFL players that have won the Grey Cup
Two CFL All-Stars
CFL Rookie of the year
Five trained CFL players from different teams
Olympic games Gold, Bronze, Silver medalist
World and Outdoor games Gold, Silver, Bronze medalist
MLB draft picks
Milb All-Stars
Three Major League Lacrosse draft picks
Two Major League Lacrosse championships and Gold and Silver medalist in lacrosse world games
Twelve team USA athletes
ACC player of the year in lacrosse
Two Tewarraton Nominees
NCAA football and lacrosse national champions at the D-1, D-2, D-3 and NAIA level
3 UFC fighters
Forty-two football players in bowl games
Over 60 all Americans
Gatorade and Maxwell football club player of the year
ESPY nominee
2 Mr. Florida’s of lacrosse and 12 Central Florida Players of the year in Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Volleyball, and Wrestling.
8 athletes that have walked on to D-1 team for Football and Lacrosse and made the team!