Do or Don’t Exercise

Q: Jon, I’ve seen a lot of conflicting arguments about good mornings and there value to help an athlete increase strength in their performance. So my question is as a trainer do you use them and should I incorporate them into my athlete’s programs or no? I don’t want to put my athletes in danger!

Coach Jeff

A: Jeff, thanks for writing in, the answer is no, don’t use them, yet! If you’re worried about incorporating an exercise in your athlete’s training routine, I’d suggest you perform the exercise, and it’s variability (ex. seated good mornings, wide stance good mornings) enough times so you can coach it correctly, research the biomechanics of the movement then see how it would apply to the specific athlete and their sport.

Yes, I use them, but only with more advanced athletes, the benefits are tremendous. Check out the picture below of Bishop Moore lacrosse player Will Jones executing a perfect seated good morning with 275lbs for eight reps! The bar he is using is called a squat safety bar and weights 75lbs. Will is committed to Holy Cross for lacrosse and is a high school All American.