Speed Training and Lacrosse

Q: Jon, on your training page of the website there aren’t specific sports listed. Do you train sport specific and could you help my high school son who needs to get faster for lacrosse?


A: Julie, Thanks for writing in and great question! Many times when I meet a new client for a consultation this topic/question comes up, and the short answer is, yes! I can help your son not only run faster but also help him increase his performance dramatically in the sport of lacrosse.

I don’t list sports we work with because the sport is irrelevant at the beginning of training. Chances are your son has been playing lacrosse longer than he has been weight training or is going to weight train and because of that, he will have structural limitations, which will hinder speed. Without seeing him yet, I can tell you that this is probably because of a weak posterior chain. In English – this is the backside which consists of the low back, glutes, and hamstrings that helps an athlete sprint faster. These muscles may not be up to par with others, and that weakness is holding him back from realizing his real speed on the lacrosse field. I say to my athletes to be built like a foreign sports car, engine in the back.

Speed development is very general, and it wouldn’t be performed by mimicking sport actions from the actual game or position which is known as SPP, or Specific Physical Preparation. Therefore he would need a training program that is more directed to GPP, or General Physical Preparation. This type of training is the actual key to getting all high school athletes, not just lacrosse players, faster!