As a professional and top sprinter in the world, I need my body to perform at a high level at all times. Jon and his staff not only helped me make a comeback after suffering injuries for 2 years but revamped my training program, therapy, flexibility, nutrition, and recovery. All this played a role in helping me maintain health on the track running my fastest time ever of my career, which led me to win the bronze medal at the world championships in Russia and renewed my contract with Adidas. All the goals I set for myself I accomplished and DTS took these goals very seriously and helped support me every step of the way, they are true professionals!

Curtis Mitchell, USA Track & Field, Bronze (World Championships) and Gold Medalist (USA Nationals)

Every off-season I’ve trained with Jon, I improve my game from making the MiLB All-Star game to moving from Single-A to Triple A. Yes, baseball is a skill that’s hard to duplicate in the weight room but from training that transitions to making your weaknesses your strengths to specific exercises for your sport, customized therapy, and nutrition DTS gives you a real chance to display your abilities and recover faster than the norm.


Todd Hankins, Columbus Clippers, MiLB All-Star

The best part about training with DTS is when you are on the court and you do something that you’ve never done before. Something that makes you and your teammates pause, like: “where did that come from?” About a month after I started working with DTS, I had my first moment like this. I took off for a dunk off the wrong foot from what should have been too far away and threw it down…. As I kept training with them these moments became normal. I began to expect them. I have trained with trainers all over the world, college, professional, national teams, trainers for 100+ dollars an hour that trained all these big time pros, and bar none DTS consistently produced the best on court results. They’re the best. If you want to be better at your sport, train with them. Period.

Jeff Dirkin, Rollins Basketball, Cheshire Phoenix

I spent my off-season training at Davis Training Systems and couldn’t have enjoyed my experience more. From the camaraderie with other players training beside you, individualized training based on your weaknesses, and education on nutrition, I couldn’t have picked a better place to train during the off-season.

Jah Reid, Kansas City Chiefs, NFL Super Bowl Champion

I came to DTS after suffering a shoulder injury after my combine workouts. Going into the NFL as a rookie I already had my back against the wall to make the Baltimore Ravens roster due to my injury. Jon was able to rehab and strengthen my shoulder to make the team. Due to Jon’s methods of achieving results so fast I have relied on them for all my training, flexibility and nutritional needs. If I ever have a question and not in Orlando I know they are just one call away. I feel you can’t get that at any other facility and will continue to train with DTS through my athletic career!

Alex Haynes, Running Back, Carolina Panthers

From college to the NFL I have trained at DTS. The atmosphere, science, and knowledge of the staff is what really sets them apart.

Ian Williams, Defensive Tackle, San Francisco 49ers

DTS and their methods have helped me in the past two years in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks, and now playing in the CFL for the Calgary Stampede. I can easily say the system works! Jon helped me maintain my dream and career as a professional football player. I believe in the system so much I drove 4 hours from Vero Beach and back 3 days a week for 10 weeks during every off-season, until I moved to Orlando. The knowledge of the staff in all facets of training speed, agility, strength, flexibility, and nutrition is mind blowing! I have never been in such a professional training environment that also treats you like family.

Kevin Dixon, DE, Calgary Stampede

My first year training at Davis Training Systems I had one of the best seasons of my career and achieved one of my professional goals to play in the NFL Pro Bowl. I enjoyed training at DTS I continued to train during my contract year when signing with the Chicago Bears. DTS is for any athlete looking to enhance their performance, I wouldn’t drive a hour and 15 minutes each way if I didn’t think so!

Eric Weems, KR WR, Atlanta Falcons

DTS has been an integral part of my athletic career for several years and at many levels. I’ve been fortunate enough to compete in conference championships, national championships, professional championships and even world championships, and DTS was my training source along the way. DTS has directed all aspects of my training from speed and strength to nutrition and rehabilitation from shoulder and back surgery. The science and detailed programming that is put into every individual to maximize their athletic performance and training results is extremely impressive. Since my playing and coaching career has drawn me away from the Orlando area, the ability to have DTS provide me with workouts and structure to continue my training has been very beneficial. I will continue to use the services provided by DTS as I continue my career because I am convinced they’re the best!

Jesse Bernhardt, USA Lacrosse, Chesapeake Jayhawks, MLL Champion

First I would like to thank Jon for everything he has done for me in my career thus far and for being great friends. I initially started at DTS in April of 2008. The goal when I signed up was to be prepared for the collegiate level prior to leaving for my freshman year at the University of Maryland. Up until that point I trained with our high school football team and believed I was training properly. Walking into DTS I weighed 170lbs and thought I was “fast” enough for the next level. When I was leaving for the fall of my freshman year I weighed 190lbs, stronger than ever and ran a 4.49 40yd dash during my fall testing with the University of Maryland lacrosse program. Needless to say I was hooked and have been training with DTS ever since. The philosophy and knowledge behind their training methods are second to none. The program at DTS is not “cookie cutter” and will be geared directly towards the specific athlete’s needs. Jon is constantly learning new techniques, using the latest technology and implementing various methods into their training to maximize results. The most important aspect of their training outside of becoming faster and stronger is maintaining your health. DTS has provided me the knowledge nutritionally & physically to stay on the field and injury free. The collegiate & professional levels are demanding on the body; Jon has continuously educated me on nutritional advice, proper supplementation and recovery methods to ensure maximum performance. Much of my success outside of being prepared for our season has stemmed from the opportunity of being on the practice field. I have learned it is very hard for a coach to coach you, let a lone play you in games if you cannot participate in practice. DTS has provided me many opportunities to be successful and perform beyond my expectations. They have changed my lifestyle after my first summer with DTS and seeing the benefits that were achieved during that time. They have pushed me physically and mentally which has translated tremendously to the field. I am forever grateful for what Jon has done for me as a person and athlete. Thank you for being the best at what you do!

Jake Bernhardt, USA Lacrosse